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Yard Couture offers everything from backyard wood burning fire pits, modern steel planters, patio furnitureto high-qualityDIY gas fire pits. Their craftsmen are meticulous,starting with the initialfabrication to all the little details in the final finishes so that the end product is flawless every time.Yard Couture is proud to offer products that are FSC certified with woods that are either reclaimed or from sustainable resources.For any help, don’t hesitate to reach us on (385) 743-9273.


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    Yard Couture is dedicated offering you an extensive selection of top-quality, eco-friendly products that will fit perfectly intoany modern backyard design. With a wide selection of modern outdoor patio furniture, benches and gas fire pit kits,they have the perfect contemporary décor to add value and enhance your outdoor domain.

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