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If you need the best performing and the best-priced air source heat pump, then Arctic Heat Pumps have the energy efficient varieties on offer. All of them are expertly designed to add to your heating and cooling experience. In fact, you can use them in combination with a solar thermal heater to generate an additional 47,000 heat energy in Btu per day on average per collector. To live comfortably in your home in the middle of the coldest North American winter or to enjoy 80% energy efficiency even in the cloudy days, order solar integrated air source heat pumps with Arctic Heat Pumps at +1 204-232-1139 or drop a message at!


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    Are you searching for a top quality air source heat pump? Then consider buying the most efficient air source heat pumps for cold climate- The Arctic Heat Pump! As a high performing heat pump- the Arctic Heat Pump uses an air to water heat pump technology that offers many advantages over the conventional air-to-air heat pumps and provides superior energy storage (through a buffer tank).

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