The range of gigantic mountains which lay bedecked along Tibet may surely tempt the energetics ones to try their hand at Tibet trekking. Surely a strenuous task, but worth every single drop of perspiration! Enjoy while your health is intact is the primary aim of trekking. Trekking along the Everest base camp, Mansarovar Kora, Kharta Valley Trek … etc are among the top preferred spots by the tourists.
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With our well designed Tibet tour packages, we will help you to feel the authentic Tibet with its fascinating Gompas, ancient markets, wandering nomads, and alluring turquoise lakes. We will take you to old Tibet, before modern changes took place, is truly an exotic experience.
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Travelling with friends and family gives a very different experience as people learn to adjust and also have amazing fun with people around but there is a trend of travelling along and experiencing adventurous things in life. People who have an interest in climbing up the Mount Everest; they travel all the way to Tibet tour packages and have their adventurous experience.